Friday, December 11, 2009

What better day to start anew

Today, I am 29. AGAIN!

Actually, I'm 43 today. A wife, mother, and grandmother. And we have another grandchild on the way. If gender predictors are correct, it's a boy. But we'll know for sure next month. It really doesn't matter. We just pray for a healthy addition to the family.

Since I have been so busy with family stuff, I haven't had time or the motivation to work on things as I had planned. Seems like something always comes up that needs my attention.

I have been thinking about selling my business, Primitive Art Deco, for a few weeks. Emotions are mixed. It's a great venture and pulled us through some hard times, but I am almost ready to move on to something else. Of course, it won't be an instant transition since I will have to work with the person who buys it, but that will help me as well. I AM ready to enter another phase and start something new.

What better day than my birthday to make changes, restart projects such as 1000 Things, and move on to something new. I think it's perfect.