Friday, December 11, 2009

What better day to start anew

Today, I am 29. AGAIN!

Actually, I'm 43 today. A wife, mother, and grandmother. And we have another grandchild on the way. If gender predictors are correct, it's a boy. But we'll know for sure next month. It really doesn't matter. We just pray for a healthy addition to the family.

Since I have been so busy with family stuff, I haven't had time or the motivation to work on things as I had planned. Seems like something always comes up that needs my attention.

I have been thinking about selling my business, Primitive Art Deco, for a few weeks. Emotions are mixed. It's a great venture and pulled us through some hard times, but I am almost ready to move on to something else. Of course, it won't be an instant transition since I will have to work with the person who buys it, but that will help me as well. I AM ready to enter another phase and start something new.

What better day than my birthday to make changes, restart projects such as 1000 Things, and move on to something new. I think it's perfect.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's been a while

First of all, I have not given up. Setbacks, yes, but I am determined to complete this project.

We spent as much time as possible with my son the week before Thanksgiving. He left for boot camp on the 24th. I thought I was prepared, but I was an emotional wreck for days. His dad didn't do very well either. We got the call about his busted rotator cuff on Saturday night. He's being medically discharged and should be home within 2 weeks. He's not a happy camper, but he knows that everything happens for a reason.

Other things have had to be taken care of that have made me put the 1000 things project on the back burner for a week or some. But, I'm back! And ready to get back on track.

I have recently been told that other people are starting similar projects. To them, I say good luck and let's keep each other motivated!!